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Yandex surpasses at PPC clickthrough rates

In the last couple of months I have been spending a good amount of time with Russian PPC campaigns, both in and Yandex. Even though I personally prefer Google’s interface, as it much more user -friendly and convenient, Yandex delivers more traffic and at a good cost.

Yandex.Direct provides some interesting features that automate parts of optimization tasks, such as, for example, “Autobroker” for automatic CPC management and “Autofocus” for automatic keyword refinement. Unlike most Google’s PPC automation tools, these two are actually quite useful.

The recent study conducted by also showed that Yandex PPC ads have significantly better CTR comparing to Russian AdWords :


Yandex-Direct PPC CTR by position

Google Adwords CTR in Russia

To come up with these numbers analyzed 5 896 473 search result pages in Yandex and 2 199 835 in

According to the study, ads in premium (top 3) positions receive 75,7% of all clicks on PPC ads in Yandex and 91,1% in 9 ads in Yandex’s right column get to share the remaining 24,3%. Google’s 8 ads on the right receive 8,9% of clicks.

Last week Yandex announced that machine learning technology MatrixNet, powering their organic search, was applied to Yandex.Direct as well.

CTR of Yandex.Direct ads increased by astonishing 20% during the first week after implementation of MatrixNet. Quite an improvement, isn’t it?

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