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Russian Online Advertizing Market Fastest Growing in Europe

IAB Europe reported that expenditures on online advertizing in Europe in 2010 grew by 15,4% (from 15,3 billion Euro in 2009 to 17,7 billion Euro in 2010). The largest contributors to this grows became developing Eastern and Central European economies. Russia tops the ranking with incredible 37% increase in Internet advertizing spend, followed by Turkey, Romania and Slovenia:

Online Advertizing Growth in Europe

The biggest market for online advertizing is the United Kingdom with total yearly spend of 4,77 billion Euro, followed by Germany (3,63 billion) and France (1,88 billion). Russia is still far behind, but is catching up quickly.

Russian Online Advertizing Market in numbers (2010):

687 billion Euro in expenditures

7th largest internet advertizing market in Europe

11,8% of all advertizing budgets are spent online

236 billion Euro was spent on Display/ banner advertizing

354 billion Euro was spent on contextual / search advertizing

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  1. Interesting article Anna! The numbers are accurate and promising.

  2. Anna says:

    Thank you Mikhail!