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Keyword Questions on Yandex

It is a well known trend – people move from searching for keywords to asking questions. The share of keyword questions is increasing every year according to all the major search engines. Last year Wordtracker even introduced a keyword tool dedicated to keyword questions research.

Yandex is not an exception. Accoring to the latest report, 3 out of 100 million searches on Yandex are questions.

About 50% of all questions asked by Yandex audience start with HOW, 17,5% – with WHERE, 8,15% – with WHEN.

keyword questions on yandex

Questions can be a great addition to your keyword strategy! While not many people optimize for question, some of them have impressive search volumes!

Unfortunately I have not come across any tool for keyword question research in Russian. The only way top find those great questions is to dig into your own data. Sometimes Yandex Wordstat can give you some hints.

keyword questions on yandex wordstat

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to easily get additional traffic to your site!

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