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Quintura is suing Google over their Wonder Wheel

I saw this in a number of Russian newspapers during February and found it rather interesting. Based in Russia visual search engine Quintura is going to sue Google over technology used behind Google’s Wonder Wheel. Wonder Wheel is a service that helps to visualize semantic relations between keywords. Russian Quintura launched a similar service back in 2006, and received the last of its 8 patents for this technology in 2009.

Quintura's semantic search cloud

Quintura’s semantic search cloud

The results are not exactly the same:

Google's Wonder Wheel semantic cloud

Google’s Wonder Wheel semantic cloud

Yakov Sadchikov, the CEO of Quintura, mentioned in his interview to Infox (In Russian) that there are several companies who violated the patents and that Quinura will demand that all of them pay for using the technology.

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