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Yandex submission and Yandex cache – How to get indexed by Yandex

Have you ever wondered why Google indexed your new born site in minutes, but Yandex has never come around? Sounds familiar, huh?

The first question you need to ask yourself is “Have I actually submitted my site to Yandex at all?”. That you can do here: Just type in the URL. Otherwise, you will be eventually indexed if someone links to you… which can be a bit tricky if your site is nowhere to be seen in the SERPs..People will never find it in the first place =)
Then it gets even trickier.. Yandex crawler can be really slow! Sometimes it takes a week, sometimes a month before it comes back to your site.

And even trickier: there is no way to see Yandex cache date. The best you can do to see if the page is indexed at all, is to search for a snippet of the text from the page in quotation marks.

If you have a current date or news feeds on your site, there is a “smart” way.  You can seach for the snippet and view the saved copy as follows:


Check the date o the saved copy. That is when the page was cached  by Yandex last time.

Anna Oshkalo

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