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Yandex search operatorsNot sure how many of you use search operators.. I almost never do =) When it comes to my private life, I am a standard searcher. I google “translate” and “maps”, when I need to use Google Translate or Google Maps. I never use all those Related: or Inurl .. If I don’t find the results on the 1st SERP satisfying, I just change the query. And yet, I consider myself Internet-savvy =)

When it comes to my work, I love search operators! Linkdomain, linkfromdomain… aren’t they sweet? What would we do without them?! Google, Bing and Yahoo provide a great variety of search operators, which can be used for various SEO purposes. What about Yandex? What do you think?

Yandex has a few operators as well. Not many. Some. This is how you use them:






No structured way of using them.. but what did you expect from Yandex? =)

And here they are:

Title[keyword] – search for a keyword in title tags. Works the same way as Google’s intitle:
Example: title[obama] or Obama << title[biography]

Inurl=”keyword” – works the same way as Google’s Inurl:
Example: inurl=”seo”

Domain=”TLD” – searches for keywords within a certain top level domain
Example:  seo << domain=”by”. This will find you SEO websites from Belarus

Date=”YYYY{*|ММ{*|DD}}” – searches for pages with a specified date.
Example: date=”200310*” – finds random websites from 2003. I tried several rimes to combine it with a keyword, but it did not really work for me. Please let me know if it works for anyone else =)

lang=”ru/uk/be/en/fr/de” – searches for pages written in a certain language. Here RU stands for Russian, UK – for Ukrainian, BE – for Belorussian, EN- for English, FR – for French, DE – for German (these are the only languages you can search for).
Example:  seo << lang=”uk” – finds pages about SEO written in Ukrainian

Mime=”html/pdf/doc/ppt/xls/rtf/swf” – searches for files of a certain type (these are the only file types you can search for)
Example: seo << mime=”ppt” – finds Power Point Presentations about SEO

Cat=(region ID/ Topic ID) – searches sites assigned to a certain region/ certain topic in Yandex Directory.  List of regional codes you can find here: Topic codes are here: Pages are in Russian,  but you can use Google Translate =)

There are also several Yandex search operators which I did not really find any use for:

url=”*” – supposingly searches for a keyword on a specified site (something similar to Site: in Google). This one never worked for me.

host=”” – similar to url=, but searches within one host

rhost=”ru.url.*” or  rhost=”ru.url.www” – similar to host=, but you can use * to search subdomains.

You’ve been probably waiting for some nice SEO search operators for Yandex, right? Well, have to disappoint you. They do not exist. Back in 2007 there were operators Link and Anchor (guess what they did). But Yandex stopped using them due to high spam levels.

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