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Yandex supports microblogging and loves Twitter

I came back from my vacation just a couple of days ago and WOW, what do I see?! Yandex released some services for microblogging! So Russians go social [media]!

First, Russia was announced to be world’s most engaged social networking audience (according to comScore, July 2), now this.

In my previous post about social media in Russia I mentioned that Twitter was not that popular.. Well, seems like it might have a bright future in my motherland after all (half motherland, anyway..)!


So, that is what Yandex has released:

Advanced Blog Search now supports search in microblogs

To select this option and try yet another search engine (this time Russian), go to and select Search in Microblogs:

How to do Twitter search on Yandex

How to do Twitter search on Yandex

Did not work for me today as the service was temporary unavailable, but I believe normally it works just fine  =)

Please note, that this search engines goes not only through Twitter, but also through,,,,,,, and

Rating of microblogs
Here they list the most popular Twitter users. The first column is Yandex rating, the second – number of followers. Today I saw there were 38 541 Twitter accounts in the rating. Will check in a week and update you on progress =)

Yandex is now on Twitter! – here. I’ve been following it for a while and can’t say Yandex is extremely active. However they post some good links every now and then.
NB! Tweetdeck seems to have problems with displaying Cyrillic characters =( That’s too bad. I love Tweetdeck.

Yandex can read, understand, search and index shortened URLs

…such as ,,, or (there are even local Russian URL shortening services). I will write a separate post about it.

Cool stuff! =)

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