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Yandex.Direct fine-tunes its geotargeting for Russia by adding 200 more cities

Yandex.Direct – Yandex’s PPC platform – fine-tuned their geotargeting for Russia by adding 200 new cities and areas inside the Russian districts.

For example, before advertisers had to target the entire Saratov District, and from today they can easily include or exclude various areas inside the Saratov District (Balakovo, Engels, and others), as well as cities inside those areas.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 21.13.59

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Yandex will warn about SEO guidelines violations in their new Yandex.Webmaster

Up until now Yandex SEO penalties were often difficult to diagnose. A lot of times webmasters had to contact Yandex to find out what caused, for example, drop in traffic or sharp decline in number of indexed pages.

On Friday last week Yandex announced a new section in their new Yandex.Webmaster toolkit [at the moment in Russian only] that will notify webmasters and site owners about violations of Yandex SEO guidelines found on their web properties.

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Yandex starts to mark mobile-friendly pages in its search results

This morning Yandex announced yet another feature to cater their growing mobile user base. From today the search engine starts to mark mobile-optimized pages in its mobile search results in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. The “mobile version” label will automatically appear next to listings of webpages with responsive design or mobile version on separate URL  (e.g.


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Important: Yandex bot starts reading JavaScripts and CSS

yandex-searchLast week Yandex reported [in Russian] in their blog for webmasters that the search engine’s crawler started reading JavaScripts and CSS in order to receive more detailed insights about web pages, as well as to see how content is displayed for the user in the browser. Thanks to this, Yandex is now able to better evaluate website interface, get access to the content which was not visible to the bot before and compare this information to the data that was used for rankings in the past.

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Infographic: Effect of economic crisis on Russian consumer behavior

In my latest post I wrote about advertising expenditures in the Russian market and the affect of the economic crisis on the advertising industry. The turnover of the advertising market in Russia decreased by 14% so far this year in comparison to the same period of 2014 after showing constant growth for several years in a row. Advertisers started shifting budgets into more efficient and measurable channels, such as search advertising – SEM came out as the only medium that saw higher volumes this year.

But how did the crisis really affect your customers? Nielsen’s Consumer Confidence Index sheds some light on changes in Russians’ purchase behavior in 2015.


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