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All about mobile gaming habits and trends in Russia

Russian people love playing games, and, unlike other digital content, don’t mind paying for them. According to the recent research conducted by J’son & Partners Consulting games account for astonishing 91% of the digital content market in Russia.

Smartphone penetration in Russia hit 36% in 2013, and although no official start have been released for 2014, I believe it will reach 40% this year. Mobile games is a relatively new for the Russian market phenomenon, however already heavily adopted one. Out friends from WapStart, Russia’s largest mobile ad network, conducted a research to understand how Russian people play games on their smartphones.
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Yandex talk about future of e-commerce at DMEXCO

At DMEXCO conference held in Cologne a couple of weeks ago Eugene Lomize, head of Yandex commercial products and inventor of Yandex.Direct, spoke about the future of eCommerce on the panel with Rakuten and Carrefour. Great panel, check it out!


Yandex Catalog and its benefits for Yandex SEO

Yandex Catalog, also known as YaCa, is a collection of links, each supplied with a short description, categorized by topics and geolocation, similar to Yahoo Catalog or DMOZ.

Yandex Catalog was created in back in 2000, and since then went through several new editions and releases. YaCa is a popular web resource in Russia and boasts 3 million page views per day.


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vKontakte launches mobile app install ads to help add developers to promote their apps in Russia

vkontakte mobile app install adMobile marketing in Russia is still at its early stage. During the last few years new mobile networks – some good, some not so good – have been popping up in Russia as the mobile Internet usage kept growing.

Surprisingly, none of the Russian Internet giants have been paying too much attention to mobile advertising. Of course, there are mobile ad formats on Facebook, whose audience in Russia is quite limited, and Google, whose market share in Russia is only somewhat 25-30%. Neither Yandex, nor any of the major social networks have so far created any mobile-specific advertising products up until now.

Almost exactly two years ago Facebook revolutionised mobile advertising with their app install ads. Twitter followed earlier this year introducing their own all install format. Last week Russia’s largest social network vKontakte, aka VK or, also announced [in Russian] their very own mobile app install ad format to help app developers marketing their app in Russia and CIS.
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5 reasons why Yandex.Metrica is a MUST for your Russian site

yandex-metricaYandex.Metrica is a free web analytics tool developed by Yandex. It is very popular among Russian webmasters and business owners, but a lot of European companies tend to forget about it and rely on Google Analytics when measuring performance of their Russian websites.

In my opinion, both tools have their pros and cons, and I usually recommend to use both Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics when working in the Russian market, but in this article I would like to explain why Yandex.Metrica is important for your Russian business. Here is why:
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