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Maelle Gavet: It’s not fair to call Ozon a copy of Amazon

Check out this interview with CEO of Ozon Maelle Gavet at Techcrunch Disrupt Europe – event that was held in London just a few days ago. Maelle explains why it is not fair to call Ozon a copy of Amazon, and also talks about e-commerce in Russia, company’s recent investments round and other important issues on the Russian digital market.

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5 essential tools for Yandex PPC excellence

yandex-searchYandex PPC platform -Yandex.Direct – is quite straightforward and easy to learn, however challenges don’t stop there. Even after mastering the platform, PPC managers need to find a set of tools that help them in their daily work.

Russian market is known for having its own digital infrastructure (Yandex instead of Google, VK instead of Facebook, Yandex.Music instead of Spotify, you name it), and PPC tools are not an exception. Common tools like SemRush, Wordstream or SpyFu won’t help with running and optimizing your Yandex PPC campaigns.

Below is my must-have list of tools that I use daily when working on Yandex.Direct optimization. Have a look – hope these Russian PPC tools will help you too!

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Games take hold of 91% of Russian digital content market

Turns out, when it comes to digital content, Russian people are really more into playing than watching, reading or listening: in 2013, games took over 91% of the whole digital content market, as the recent data from J’son & Partners Consulting shows.

Gaming segment is also dominant in the US, UK, Japan and South Korea, however, its market share is not as huge as in Russia, mostly due to a heavier growth of music and video content in those regions.

Source: J’son& Partners Consulting

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All about mobile gaming habits and trends in Russia

Russian people love playing games, and, unlike other digital content, don’t mind paying for them. According to the recent research conducted by J’son & Partners Consulting games account for astonishing 91% of the digital content market in Russia.

Smartphone penetration in Russia hit 36% in 2013, and although no official start have been released for 2014, I believe it will reach 40% this year. Mobile games is a relatively new for the Russian market phenomenon, however already heavily adopted one. Out friends from WapStart, Russia’s largest mobile ad network, conducted a research to understand how Russian people play games on their smartphones.
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Yandex talk about future of e-commerce at DMEXCO

At DMEXCO conference held in Cologne a couple of weeks ago Eugene Lomize, head of Yandex commercial products and inventor of Yandex.Direct, spoke about the future of eCommerce on the panel with Rakuten and Carrefour. Great panel, check it out!