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Yandex and VK make it to Top 100 sites in the US

The largest social network in Russia vKontakte and Russia’s leading search engine Yandex were among 100 most visited sites in the US during 2014, according to SimilarWeb. VK ended up at 81th place in the rating and Yandex – at 91st.


SimilarWeb do not speculate about the reasons for such high popularity of Russian sites in the US. Any thoughts, folks? :)

Top social networks in Russia: latest numbers and trends

Just in time for making our New Year’s marketing resolutions, we’re getting a special treat – a study on social media users in Russia, with lots of the latest numbers and trends to enjoy. Actually, betting on social networks in 2015 sounds good to me – the experts predict social media marketing and retargeting to be on the rise. Plus, this trend comes along with the rapid growth of mobile users who become the majority on the Russian Internet.

The data comes from Brand Analytics, with details on the age, gender, regional distribution and even positive vibes of those writing on social networks in Russia. VKontakte (Vk), the largest Russia’s social network, holds on to its top position, having the biggest monthly audience and the most active writers:Top social media5

*TNS Web Index, November 2014. Data on Twitter is based on the number of users per day, frequency of visits per month

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Top 10 Russia’s largest media in 2014

Despite the unstable economic climate Russian advertising industry keeps developing. In the first half of 2014 the growth of Russian advertising budgets landed at 6%. Online advertising grew the most, TV and radio – slightly, while print lost a low of advertisers’ money. Let’s find out who are the largest players on the Russian media scene – according to TNS Russia and

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Store rating extensions come to Yandex.Direct

In the end of December last year Yandex announced new type of extension for Yandex.Direct ads – store rating extension – which, similarly to Google’s seller rating extension, adds 1 to 5 star rating next to each eligible PPC ad.


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A portrait of a typical VK user revealed

vk-mobileVkontakte (VK) – Russia’s largest social network – is known for attracting younger audience as opposed to Odnoklassniki - Russia’s second largest network – where older people like to hang out. Many brands stay away from advertising on VK believing that its audience mainly consists of school kids and teenagers with no buying ability. But in reality, this is not the case. VK’s most typical user is a working middle- and lower-middle income young professional, says the latest TNS Russia report.

In October last year vKontakte was visited by 53 430 000 people between 12 to 64 years old. Out of these visitors 67.4% (35 990 000 people) are employed, where:

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