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All Facebook’s and Odnoklassniki’s users in Russia also use VK

The fact that VK (vKontakte) is Russia’s largest social network is, I am sure, known to most international digital marketers. VK is also a social network with the most steady growth. Recently, at i-COMference 2015, vKontakte presented their annual report [in Russian] created together with TNS Russia that describes the Russian social networking market.

Comparing to the stats from 2013, Facebook gained quite a bit of user base in Russia. In 2013 American network only had 10,8 million users, and during 2014 its user base almost doubled. VK and Odnoklassniki kept their leading positions in the market, however the overlap between their audiences increased significantly.


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Keyword productivity to boost your Yandex PPC performance

If you work with Yandex PPC advertising on Yandex.Direct platform, you couldn’t but notice a new column on its campaign level – Productivity. It’s displayed next to each keyword as a number looking like this:

Productivity 3

It is a keyword productivity index recently introduced by Yandex which should help Yandex PPC managers increase click-through rates of their keywords and attract more target users. But how do they calculate this index?

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Russian mobile internet user portrait

A new study shows that in 2013-2014 mobile internet in Russia have reached an increasing number of females, students and those living in smaller cities. This interesting reaserch was made in December 2014 by WapStart, the largest mobile ad network in Russia. They looked closer at gender, age and social status of Russian online mobile users and compared the recent results with those obtained in the previous years.

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Expert guide on mobile bid adjustment in Yandex Direct

Since March, Yandex has added a separate bid management for PPC mobile ads, so now we can experiment with the desktop-mobile bid ratio to see if our business or client may particularly benefit from premium placements on Yandex mobile search.

Today, it looks like a great time to do it as the mobile internet is globally racing to exceed the desktop internet use, and there are some signs that Russia may well be drifting in the same direction. For example, according to the recent TNS Russia data, 50% of Russians (12+) use the mobile internet daily (out of 74% of all the online users in Russia).

So, each day 31.4 M users in Russia are keeping a firm grip of their mobile devices, hoping to find what they search for. And here we are, marketers, to guess their wishes, which becomes simpler and cooler now that we can manage and analyze impressions on mobiles for our Yandex PPC campaigns.

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Russian online advertising industry turnover up 18% in 2014

Digital advertising turnover in Russia has been increasing for the last 4 years. Despite the unstable economic situation, advertising budgets increased in 2014 – for the 5th year in a row. The Association of Communication Agencies in Russia (ACAR) reported [in Russian] that expenditures on online advertising increased by 18% in the first half of 2014. Contextual advertising (SEM) showed the highest growth figures – 27% comparing to the same period of 2013. Display advertising budgets on the other hand decreased by 5%.


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