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Yandex reveals new details about the new algorithm and inbound link penalties

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 20.13.44The new search algorithm Minusinsk that brought links back into Yandex ranking formula has been live for about a week now. The first implications of it were spotted by Russian SEO community a few days later: several hundreds of websites in various verticals were penalized for aggressive link buying.

Today at YaMasterskaya conference held at Yandex HQ the search team revealed some more details about the new algorithm, first wave and upcoming second wave of penalties and explained how to avoid problems connected to using spammy link building techniques in the past.

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Meet RST Digital, our new Russian SEO agency!

RST Digital 4As you may already noticed, we have recently launched – a website for our new Russian SEO agency. At RST Digital, we are equipped with a great deal of professional tools and experts, ready to help you improve your visibility and conversion rates on the Russian digital market. Now, we are a Russian SEO company offering an expanded range of professional services, such as SEO, PPC and Outreach Marketing. How can we help you grow your business in Russia today?

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BREAKING: New Yandex ranking algorithm and its first implications

New Yandex ranking algorithm Minusinsk that was announced on the 15th of April went live [in Russian] exactly one month after the announcement – on the 15th of May – according to the official Yandex Webmaster Blog. Yandex Search Team reminded that paid SEO links now negatively affect organic rankings.

Yandex gave webmasters one month to remove SEO links. Some of the most aggressive link buyers received email notifications via Yandex.Webmaster:


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Russian online advertising industry turnover up 9% in Q1 2015

The expert commission of the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (AKAR) has released the results [in Russian] of their quarterly analysis of development of advertising market in Russia. In Q1 of 2015 the total volume of advertising expenditures landed at about 63.5 billion rubles (approx. 1.1 billion Euro), which is 17 % lower than the same period 2014.

Advertising budgets were reduced in all channels, apart from online, which despite the economic crisis increased by 9%. Contextual advertising expenditures went up by 16%.


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Ad groups in Yandex PPC: now in Yandex.Direct interface!

PPC-CampaignFrom the end of April, ad groups are finally fully supported in the Yandex.Direct interface, which is good news! If you remember, before this ad groups could be created only in the desktop editor Direct.Commander, by uploading Excel or CSV files or via Yandex.Direct API.

Now, even if you are new to Yandex PPC, all you have to learn to get started with setting up Yandex PPC campaigns is the Yandex.Direct interface. But why ad groups are such a cool thing for Yandex PPC ads anyway?

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