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IMPORTANT Yandex Link value is BACK + link buyers will be penalized!

Today, Yandex led by Alexander Sadovsky have decided to make a change on their previous non-link-value decision. Links will again be part of the ranking factor but not only positively! They will also give a NEGATIVE effect to the ones working with bought links. This is a massive change on behalf of Yandex and will probably affect the ranking for a very large number of websites.

Yandex against Link Buyers

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Yandex teams up with Firefox in Turkey

Big news from Yandex Turkey team! Just a couple of weeks ago the newest version of Firefox browser was released in Turkey, with as a default search engine instead of Google.


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Yandex PPC match type operators for best keyword selection

When selecting keywords in Yandex.Wordstat for your Yandex PPC campaigns, it is good to know all Yandex match type operators you can use, especially as they differ from Google match types, even if both Yandex and Google use the same symbols for them. To help you avoid confusion and achieve the most relevant keyword selection for Yandex PPC ads, I’ve drawn a simple table demonstrating the match type operators for Yandex with examples.

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13 awesome keywords tools for Yandex SEO success

yandex-searchKeyword research is the vital part of SEO for any search engine, and Yandex is not an exception. Due to the rich and complex nature of the Russian language creating a keyword list for a Russian website can be a long and time consuming process. The fact that most of the suitable tools for Yandex SEO are created in Russia adds even more complexity to work of international marketers. In this post I would like to introduce my favorite Russian keyword tools that I like use for creating keyword lists.

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All Facebook’s and Odnoklassniki’s users in Russia also use VK

The fact that VK (vKontakte) is Russia’s largest social network is, I am sure, known to most international digital marketers. VK is also a social network with the most steady growth. Recently, at i-COMference 2015, vKontakte presented their annual report [in Russian] created together with TNS Russia that describes the Russian social networking market.

Comparing to the stats from 2013, Facebook gained quite a bit of user base in Russia. In 2013 American network only had 10,8 million users, and during 2014 its user base almost doubled. VK and Odnoklassniki kept their leading positions in the market, however the overlap between their audiences increased significantly.


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