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More Yandex SEO penalties coming for link sellers

yandex-searchEarlier this week in their corporate blog [in Russian] Yandex announced yet another penalty that is about to hit low quality sites created for the purpose of selling links. More precisely, they promised to change the way AGS penalty works.

AGS penalty was initially introduced back in 2009, and from the very beginning was aimed a low quality sites. Usually AGS penalty hits sites with thin content, created either for selling links through link brokers or placing contextual advertising.
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What web analytics systems are most popular among Russian webmasters

Today I stumbled on an interesting research with somewhat surprising results. A Russian web analytics consulting company called TopAnalytics collected data from around 10 million sites trying to determine which web analytics system in the most popular in the Russian market. All sites analyzed in this research were placed on .ru, .su, or .рф domains.


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Runet turns 20 years old

Today is a big day for Russian Internet industry. Exactly 20 years ago, on the 7th of April 1994 national domain .RU was registered to represent newly born country – the Russian Federation – on the world wide web.

Runet’s birthday got a lot of coverage in Russian tech press, and even Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev congratulated Runet in his video blog.

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Interview: Ilarion Kopaleyshvili of Skyscanner talks about Russian online travel market

Ilarion Kopaleyshvili skyscanner russia photo 2Highly challenging, quickly changing and extremely competitive, travel is one of the most exciting verticals when it comes to digital marketing worldwide, and Russia is no exception. Global players and local brands are working hard to deliver the best value to rapidly growing Russian travel community.

I am very happy to present the interview with of one of the most well-known companies in the travel industry Skyscanner. I had a chance to speak to the Russian Marketing Manager Ilarion Kopaleyshvili about online travel market in Russia, its potential, opportunities and future trends.


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Links stop working for Yandex SEO from today

Earlier today Yandex announced [in Russian] that links have been removed from their ranking algorithm for certain categories of queries.

The new search algorithm was first announced at IBC Russia by Alexander Sadovsky, Head of Search at Yandex, back in December. Some weeks ago Yandex confirmed than the new ranking formula would be released in February or March this year.
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