SEO and SEM for Russian search engines

Study: 1st position in Yandex receives 18.5% of clicks


Most of the specialists working with SEO have had a task to estimate increase in organic traffic from improving rankings by X positions. There are plenty of studies for organic click distribution in Google that we can use, but I have never come across one for Yandex until very recently.

Yandex SERP layout is different from Google’s, and as we know, CTR of Yandex.Direct ads is on average higher than Google’s. Does this result into fewer clicks on organic search results? Let’s take a look.

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Mobile-specific ads come to Yandex.Direct!

Mobile-ads5It’s been just two months as it became possible to seperately adjust the bid ratio for mobile ads on Yandex.Direct. And now, we’ve got great news – Yandex adds up another mobile-specific feature which allows creating Yandex PPC ads specifically for mobile devices. It means that Yandex mobile ads can now be tailored for mobile users and attract more traffic. How to set them up and run to make sure you reach Russian customers who have become more “mobile” than ever?

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Exclusive interview: Alexander Sadovsky about low quality links in Yandex SEO

Three weeks have passed since Yandex had released their new ranking algorithm “Minusinsk” – the new algorithm which may turn paid links into a negative ranking signal for all types of queries.

So far just a few hundred sites have been affected by the Minusinsk link penalty, but Yandex promise we will see more. Among the first victims there were several very big Russian sites, such as one of the largest electronic stores and a number of well-known digital marketing agencies. Of course, this news have shaken the Russian SEO society and raised a lot of questions among international SEOs as well.

Last week I had a pleasure to meet Alexander Sadovsky, Head of Search at Yandex, at Yandex HQ in Moscow and had a chat with him about link-related penalties and organic rankings in the new era of Yandex SEO.


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Meet Yandex.Radio – personalized radio station and a new digital advertizing channel

логотип приложенияYandex has been working with data analysis and personalization of digital content for many year. They have started using personalization technology Crypta in search in 2012; personalization is also used by other Yandex services. Yandex.Market gives personalized suggestions to its users based on their past behavior and preferences. The new Yandex.Music launched 9 months ago does as well, and the results have been astonishing. Personalization increased the time spent on the service by 70%.

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Yandex Advertising Network: new banners to boost CTR

Yandex has just added interactive horizontal banners to its Yandex Advertising Network (YAN) and the testing shows that they can increase click-through rate of Yandex PPC ads up to 20%. Also, judging from the vertical banners introduced into YAN back in December 2014, banner ads are usually much more eye-catching than traditional advertising formats, so hopefully Yandex PPC advertisers are getting one more useful tool to promote their websites!


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