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Ad groups in Yandex PPC: now in Yandex.Direct interface!

PPC-CampaignFrom the end of April, ad groups are finally fully supported in the Yandex.Direct interface, which is good news! If you remember, before this ad groups could be created only in the desktop editor Direct.Commander, by uploading Excel or CSV files or via Yandex.Direct API.

Now, even if you are new to Yandex PPC, all you have to learn to get started with setting up Yandex PPC campaigns is the Yandex.Direct interface. But why ad groups are such a cool thing for Yandex PPC ads anyway?

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VK’s monthly audience catches up with the levels of TV reach

VK (vKontakte) – Russia’s largest and fastest growing social network – reached it’s record amount of visitors in March 2015.  In March this year monthly reach of VK was similar to that of Channel 1 (Russia’s main TV channel) and higher than that of other national TV channels, reports TNS Russia.


Vkontakte is not the first digital service that competes with TV in terms of reach. Yandex’s audience surpassed the audience of Channel 1 already in mid-2012.

Link building in Yandex SEO: links are back, detailed insights

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 20.13.44Exactly 2 weeks ago Alexander Sadovsky, head of Yandex Search, announced new ranking algorithm – “Minusinsk” (tradionally, since 2008, all versions Yandex have been named after Russian cities) – that brought back links as a ranking factor into Yandex SEO. The difference with the search algorithm that Yandex had a year ago is that now links can have both positive and negative influence on site rankings in Yandex.

The new algorithm is going to be rolled out gradually starting from mid-May. Unlike the previous algorithm change, when links were removed as a ranking factor, which only affected some of the commercial verticals and only in Moscow region, the new algorithm will cover all regions of Russia, all types of search queries and all websites – from big to small.

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Russian e-commerce turnover up 31% in 2014

The Association of Companies in Internet Trade (AKIT) summarized the results [in Russian] of the year 2014 in Russian e-commerce. Turnover of the Russian e-commerce market reached 713 billion Russian rubles (14 billion USD), which is a 31% increase YoY.


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New Yandex PPC feature: Autoexpand tool in Yandex.Direct

It looks like Yandex team is working hard these months on changes and additions to its Yandex PPC platform Yandex.Direct! Just lately, they rolled out the mobile bid management and added the keyword productivity index.  And now they introduce a brand new tool for “autoexpansion” of keywords which will automatically add keywords to your Yandex PPC campaigns, selecting them according to specific criteria. From last week, this feature is enabled by default, so be sure you really want it! Read on to learn what keywords may soon pop up in your keyword lists and if it’s something for you.

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